The Forum has been Made! (Along with some new rules :o)

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The Forum has been Made! (Along with some new rules :o)

Post  M35Seven on Sun May 06, 2012 7:27 pm

REMINDER: These are guidelines, There are not set in stone. We can and will make exceptions for players if they can prove themselves.

So now that we have made the Forums: It is time.

We now need to go over what updates are now following along with the creation of the forums, and this clan getting more involved in professional scrimmage match's. A new feature I would like to introduce is the "Tactical Squads" which is a new update to this clan. These squads are players of our clan who excel at certain areas of the game and are extreme assets in the clan matches. These players will be the first selected in squad matches, and will be of the most use to us. And now, after we have gone over the boring over view, here are the Tactical Squads so far:

Tactical Squad #1
This squad is specialized in the assault class of the game and has a good Kill to Death Ratio. This squad will be the driving backbone of our clan, as it will lead us to victory in most game modes by reviving fallen members of our squad and racking up the kills for our team. This elite group of 4 (in each game) will lead us straight to victory. The requirements of joining this squad:
- A K/D Ratio of at least 1.5
- A score per minute of at least 350.
This squad is represented by a Cyan name on the forums.

Tactical Squad #2
This squad will specialize in vehicle support/destruction. The squad will be all Engineers, and will man all the vehicles in the clan matches. They will rush and destroy all other infantry vehicles and soldiers. There will be at least 2 players per vehicle: One piloting and one repairing. IMPORTANT: We will not use jets in clan matches due to the simple reason they have no use against ground troops. The only time a jet will be used is to take down a fellow helicopter, and after the helicopter is taken down, that jet will be then thrown into the next ground target spotted. Requirements for this squad:
- Have at least 1 unlock for each upgrade spot in the tank and assault helicopter.
- Must have the javelin unlocked.
- Must have a K/D of at least 1.0
This squad is represented by a Red name on the forums.

Thank you for reading up on the new updates! If you have any suggestions for the squad's or want to apply to be a moderator of T.Squad 2, message me on PSN or on the forums. Have a nice day, and go Own some Noobs! BWU

- M35Seven[b]

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