Reminder On Tactical Squads

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Reminder On Tactical Squads

Post  M35Seven on Thu May 10, 2012 5:49 pm

We have some misunderstanding's in the feature of our Tactical Squads. The issue is everything now thinks there are requirements for this clan. There are no requirements for the clan. None. The Tactical Squad is for players who want to isolate themselves around pro's and want to be as professional as possible. As I understood, everything thought they could not participate in clan matches if they did not meet these requirements. This is untrue, You may still be part of the clan battles if you notify a staff member. Nothing is stopping you. As I stated above and will remind you again: Tactical Squads are for players who want to only play with elites. We will (in the future) try to incorporate more Tactical Squads and put one squad in each clan match as we add regular clan members as well. But, for now, I'm in the mist of creating more Tactical Squads, and some of which will not need a K/D SPM limit, but just a unlock requirement.
And to continue, for anyone asking why we even put this system in our clan, it is to be different from other clans. It is also so we know how the game is going to turn out and so everybody knows there roles. I am speaking with tactikz and I am thinking of adding new Tactical Squads so they do not have requirements, and are 4 players: 2 Medics, 1 Support, and 1 Engineer. There will be 4 of these squads that we will use for clan battles. I know it may seem like a lot of extra work just to fight in a clan battle, but it will make our clan more successful and popular in the long run. If you read this whole thing and still would like to complain, please start your complaint with the word pie. Please have a open mind and no "OMFG BUT THIZ IZ TEH NEWZZZZ, I NO LIEK." shit. Cause it's annoying Smile

Plus: If you have a problem, instead of raging on all of the boards, please message a staff member and wait patiently for us to message back. It gets irritating to have someone who doesn't take the time to read the news and then complains about things they didn't take the time to understand.

- M35Seven

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